Recent Testimonial from C.A.D.A. Member, Carey Simone.

“Your U-ROCK program was Awesome! Thank YOU!!! Thank YOU!!!!  Thank YOU!!!!  I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful day yesterday.  The students as well as the adults really enjoyed your presentation.  I am so thankful that I decided to go “outside of the box” with your program.  You Inspired our students.”

-Carey Simone-Activities Director-Weston Ranch High School- Leadership Workshop Hosted By Valley Oak Leadership, For High Schools in Stockton, Manteca, Oakdale, Ceres and Sonora.



Derek Clark is an inspiring and fun youth motivational speaker. He is a high school speaker, speaker for at-risk youth and troubled teenagers, an anti-bullying speaker and a student youth leadership conference speaker.

Derek Clark believes that compassion is one of the top characteristics a leader must possess. Through music, he creatively shares how compassion changed his life as a Foster Child. He inspires at risk youth and students to find the inner strength to take personal responsibility for the direction of their life. Derek has extensive experience and success as an Author, Youth MotivationalSpeaker and Singer/Songwriter.  He currently has over one hundred tracks featured on iTunes. From his own personal experience, he shows the audience how the power of music and lyrics has made an everlasting change in his inner spirit.

Derek has written numerous songs that reflect the tragedies that have happened in his life. Within his music, he has produced a more meaningful destiny by creating a triumphant song. His songs literally can become a self fulfilling prophecy as they reinforce in the listeners mind, heart and soul the song’s strong message of triumph over tragedy. Derek uses music and lyrics to inspire and teach the audience to push beyond their self perceived limits. His U-R.O.C.K workshop has an inspiring message of Understanding Integrity, Responsibility, Opportunity, Choice and Knowledge.


Most youth are fighting a constant battle within themselves. Their personal battle might be a lack of self value, loss of self respect, loneliness, being labeled, suicide tendencies, trust, love, depression, insecurity, addiction or a sense of wanting to belong. The key to reinforcing hope is that their lyrics must have a triumphant and inspiring ending.  Their individual journey must reflect hope, self respect, perseverance and victory. Derek Clark loves being a youth motivational speaker for at-risk youth, foster youth, high school students and student leaders. He inspires the youth to make goals and write their destiny in the format of song lyrics. They are looking past their problems and charting a different course for their life. There renewed Hope will fuel their faith in their ability to conquering self esteem issues, depression, addictions, loneliness and self respect.


After the students listen to Derek’s Inspiring story of overcoming adversity and sharing his leadership tools, the audience is now ready to inspire others. Derek uses music to show the at-risk youth, foster youth, high school students and student leaders how they can change the direction of their life by creating a new destiny. The students are instructed on how to write lyrics in a song format. The classroom audience is split into groups of seven..  They write down their hardest struggles and darkest fears as well as their hopes and dreams. They are given a sample sheet to show the word and syllable arrangement to flow with the music that Derek has already created. (Music ranges from top 40 pop, rap and rock)

They are encouraged to turn their struggles into lyrics. This applies to a tragedy from the past that is holding them back from moving forward in their life.  The second verse must reflect a solution to their struggle. The lyrics must be specific and contain no vulgarities or language that is violent or disrespectful. When they are done completing their lyrics, they have the opportunity to sing their song in front of the others as Derek accompanies them with his pre-programmed music. If the group is shy or does not feel comfortable about singing their song, Derek will then sing their song and dedicate it to the particular group. (groups are encouraged to sing their own songs) Each song will be recorded on a CD for future reflection.

The U-R.O.C.K program symbolizes the awakening of the voice from their soul.


As a youth motivational speaker for at-risk youth, high schools and student leaders, Derek helps the youth modify their limited perception. A lot of youth go through high school feeling lost and hopeless. Derek helps them change their focus to see, feel and actually Hear Hope. Music is the tool that speaks to the youth on a lyrical level, whether it is Rap, Rock, Heavy Metal or Country. They communicate through sad songs, love songs, angry songs, promiscuous songs and gangster songs.  This music is communicating to our youth and then they act out what they hear. It is important in this program that they change the way they perceive the present moment.


  • Clarify their struggles and battles that are holding them back from excelling
  • Find the empowerment to accomplish the life goals they set
  • Develop their Personal Power Anthem (song) that will help strengthen their hearts and minds in their everyday struggles
  • Have the Will to break through their self perceived limits
  • Remember the U-R.O.C.K. Solution
  • Understanding Integrity- Responsibility,-Opportunity- Choice- Knowledge
  • Songwriting builds self esteem, confidence, hope and the positive power to overcome obstacles in their life
  • Bring direction and goals
  • Teach the youth about their self value and help build a positive life
  • Create Team Building through accepting and appreciating each others differences and strengths

Reserve Youth Motivational Speaker Derek Clark now for your next school assembly or youth leadership conference. Derek motivates youth to be their best, to never give up and to take responsibility for the direction of their life. Some of Derek’s inspiring programs have inspired school assemblies, student youth leadership conference, foster youth conferences, at-risk youth programs, anti-bullying programs, drug and alcohol awareness programs, red ribbon week speaker, and several more youth conferences all over United States and Canada.

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