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Social Emotional Learning – SEL – Motivational Speaker Derek Clark

For a great Social Emotional Learning (SEL) environment, motivational speaker Derek Clark teaches how to help students with behavioral issues and how to be less reactive as well as more proactive. This is a great preventative program to help students rise above and become victors instead of victims. Derek inspires students to take responsibility for the direction of their lives as well as persevering through their tough times.

One of the main success keys of Social Emotional learning – SEL- is for the student to have more responsible behavior and to be more tolerant. Inspiring the students to have empathy reduces bullying and in turn creates a more caring and kind student. SEL empowers student success through learning how to set goals and achieve them.

Emotionally healthy students are better communicators and know how to deal with conflicts as well as resolve them. When a student learns how to manage their emotions, they make more responsible choices. Derek motivates and inspires students / teachers to build their emotional management muscle, as he likes to call it. Derek’s program inspires students to tap into their grit and resiliency muscle. His acronym for G.R.I.T. – Greatness Requires Intense Tenacity says it all. Your Social Emotional Learning students will be inspired by his motivational strategies and life story.

As a popular motivational speaker, Derek Clark knows firsthand how to deal with great adversity, emotional and mental health. As a child he was abandoned at a psychiatric facility where he was diagnosed through neurological evaluations and psychiatric exams. He was then transferred into the San Francisco Bay Area foster care system where he would stay for 13 years never to be adopted.


Watch motivational keynote speaker Derek Clark share a raw and riveting story of how is father tried to kill him while his mom was pregnant.

With the help of his loving parents who were both teachers, they believed in his unlimited potential and that he wasn’t all of the labels the professionals had diagnosed him with. They helped him build his self value and worked with him to believe in his own potential. Derek has the skills now and has proven many times that nothing can stop him from accomplishing what he set his mind to.

Derek is an inspiring professional speaker and author who has become a video sensation for his “Rapping Dad” videos with over 200 million views. He’s been featured on CNN Headline News, The Steve Harvey TV Show, and many others around the world.
He is the author of seven books, including Disable the Label, Never Limit Your Life, and the I Will Never Give Up book series.

His true-life trials and personal triumphs have inspired organizations with his message of hope and unwavering perseverance. He has turned his situation from victimized to victorious, which has equipped him with wisdom and will—to never give up. Find out more about professional speaker Derek Clark at

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