A Soldiers’ Sacrifice

As a motivational and inspirational speaker, let me share something that has touched me to the core of my soul. I know that there are a lot of former Foster Youth that have joined the military and this song is my prayer for all. I wrote Goodnight Soldier in the middle of the night, after watching a documentary about the last letter a family received from their son after he was killed in Iraq. I was heartbroken watching it. I was so very touched. My wife and I cried and cried throughout the show. It actually put a human face on the soldier, as opposed to the desensitized descriptions you hear on the news: “Six soldiers were killed today.” There is rarely a name or a face to go along with the clip. When we actually saw the face, and got to know in some small way a soldier who was killed, I was powerfully moved. I realized just how extraordinary the sacrifice is that our soldiers make in defending our country. I believe the entire country should come together and show appreciation for our military. They don’t get paid much for what they do, and they put everything on the line for us, including their lives.

As a civilian who wrote “Goodnight Soldier”, it was a way for me to rally Americans together to Support Our Troops. This song is meant to show my appreciation for all of the branches of the military, from the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

I have been so touched by the courageous men and women of the military. I was inspired to write a song about my feelings. In the middle of the night and in a moment of tearful reflection, I couldn’t help but think, what if one of our Soldiers were my Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Mom or Dad? My heart is full of gratitude for all of the relatives of Soldiers that are fighting for our American dream.

This song reflects my appreciation for this great country that I live in and the sacrifices of past and present Soldiers which have allowed me the Freedom and Liberty that I enjoy everyday. Their courage cannot be matched. Their Loyalty to Protect our Country is amazing. They fight to protect the Freedom of Americans they have never met. Many have fallen along this journey; they are the Heroes that are engraved in my soul. It is in pure humility that I salute them. This song is my Prayer for our Troops.

In America, you have the right to be an anti-war advocate, but you should always support our troops. They are fighting for the right of an anti-supporter to voice his opinion. In many nations, if an anti-supporter voices his opinion, he or she could be put in prison or put to death. Because soldiers fight for you, you are afforded the opportunity to live your life the way you want. This is a beautiful country, and offers us all so much. People die trying to make America their home. We are the greatest country in the world, with opportunity for all, and it didn’t get this way by sitting back and doing nothing. Our forefathers had a dream. Some said it was an impossible dream, but they made their dream your reality.

The realization of dreams requires sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice? This song is a patriotic tribute to the troops, thanking them for their sacrifice, letting them know that I care and respect them for defending our freedom. Freedom isn’t a given; we must constantly fight for it so that the next generation can also enjoy it. If the nation one day just up and put an end to all military operations, eventually our freedom would be taken from us. Look around the world, it happens all the time. There are great people in our military, and they are the ones who protect us. They deserve respect. God bless the active service members and the veterans!

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This is my Patriotic Tribute To Soldiers Who Have Sacrificed Everything For My Freedom.

This is My Soldier Prayer

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