Today’s world is full of stress and traumatic situations. For most of us as adults we have a good emotional foundation which enables us to deal with life’s challenges. Unfortunately there are many children out there that haven’t had a chance to develop such a foundation and don’t have the support they need in their family structure. In fact, some families are the source of the child’s trauma. How can these children be expected to develop the copping skills they need for life and not fall into behavioral problems?

Many of these children suffer from traumatic stress after being exposed to mental, physical and even sexual abuse. This will result in many behavioral issues and the child can lash out at the world around them. This will lead to even more problems in a toxic home environment where there are no good adult role models. As a result these children will often find their way into the foster care system. Many of these kids feel stuck and don’t have any idea how to heal, let alone move forward with their lives.

The good news is there is hope for these kids. There are many great foster care parents, doctors, organizations and individuals who can provide answers and healing for these young lives. Derek Clark is just such an individual. As a small child Derek was exposed to terrible physical and mental abuse. He knows firsthand what it is like to be a child suffering from PTSD. He was abandoned by his parents and put into the foster care system for 13 years. Derek truly understands the importance of having a child feel safe and secure in an environment where they can open up and talk about what is haunting them. As someone who has walked this life, Derek knows the value of having an adult to connect with and validate his trauma. These children need a trusted adult to walk them through the healing process so they can run toward their destiny and not to their history.

Derek Clark is a motivational and inspirational speaker who transforms audiences with his courageous story of overcoming brutal adversity. His passion is to share his strategies for achieving greatness no matter what your history says about you. Derek has become a popular keynote speaker not because of a cheerleading attitude but through his transformational story of hope in the face of hopelessness that enables his audiences to tap into their determination muscle and break through their past.

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