Derek Clark is a leading keynote speaker for social services and children &  family conferences. His 13 years in foster care saved him from additional brutal child abuse being inflicted upon him. As a child, he suffered quite extensively as well as having to deal with mental health issues. Grieving and healing does not happen overnight for a child who has gone through extreme trauma but Derek worked at it. It took years for Derek to overcome the merciless adversity that was holding him back but with a pair of loving foster parents and a fantastic social worker, he thrived despite his past.

Derek has delivered many motivational and inspirational keynote speeches for for county department of children and family services, child protective services, family court and circuit court summits, department of social services conferences, department of family services, department of human services, law enforcement conferences, child abuse and neglect prevention conferences,social worker conferences, foster care conferences, foster parent conferences, mental health conferences and child welfare conferences.

In his conference keynote speeches, Derek shares from his personal experience on how to connect with grieving children as well as building relationships of trust with them. The interest of the child must come first and Derek reiterates that in an inspiring way that will ignite your audience full of hope knowing that they can make a difference. As the author of seven training and inspirational books, Derek shares lots of his educational material that is sure to give your conference attendees a fresh perspective on dealing with children that are grieving. He is the real deal as he has lived the hard life dealing with PTSD from the child abuse he endured as well as the rejection and abandonment he endured while growing up in foster care.

There aren’t enough survivors that are willing to share their story in an inspiring and victorious way, but Derek delivers in a powerful way that inspires audiences all over the world.

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