Keynote speaker Derek Clark has inspired many fundraiser audiences to donate an impressive 2.3 million dollars to benefit many child welfare, CASA and foster care organizations. Derek’s motivational and inspirational keynote speeches are a perfect fit for fundraising gala’s, breakfasts and luncheons. Generally, keynote speeches at fundraiser events are no longer than 30 minutes but typically are 20 minutes in length. They are meant to inspire the audience quickly by invoking emotion in an effort to to have them donate to these wonderful purpose driven organizations. Derek has experience delivering a very inspiring and powerful life story that is sure to touch the heart of the audience.

If you are looking for a passionate fundraising keynote speaker with an inspirational life story to help meet your organization’s goal, hire Derek Clark for your next fundraiser. Audiences in the United States and Canada have been inspired to donate after listening to his message of never giving up on a child. They know firsthand that they are making a difference in a child’s life by financially donating. Derek’s inspiring keynote message connects with fundraising audiences on a deep emotional level where true compassion and charity starts.

Here are some of the cities where Derek has inspired fundraising events:

Austin, Texas: $427,000
Adams County, Colorado: $250,000
Denver, Colorado: $125,000
Greenville, North Carolina: $340,000
Austin, Texas: $160,000
Essex County, New Jersey: $95,000
Peachtree, Georgia: $115,000
El Paso, Texas: $55,000
Reno, Nevada: $40,000
Santa Ana, California: $100,000
Miami, Florida: $75,000
San Diego, California: $87,000
Orange County, California: $105,000
Omaha, Nebraska: $57,000
Atlanta, Georgia: $35,000
Vancouver, Washington: $135,000

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