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My Name is Drugs – Brutally Realistic Poem With Rap!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Drugs have played a big role in my life Ann i remember the first time i read this poem i was doing a SAP program at The women’s Healing place out is so true drugs have changed me so bad an yes it took my children my life freedom but today i am trying to get my life back together my children an keep my head right i really don’t no what to do with myself anymore it was always take my pills sleep our go get drunk ask do what ever i could get my whole family is suffering my sister just had a baby an he was sick an she just left him an now he is in foster care i feel like a flyer cuz i couldn’t bed strong enough an i held his hand drugs i got one of my children back now i am working on the lawyer money for my son so i have to remind myself some girls never get to c there kids cuz they get placed with strangers but mine went with family i can’t wait till they are her all the time an i no i better start finding friends that want the same thing i want an that is not to grab his hand again

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