Motivational Speaker Derek Clark Inspires Audiences Worldwide To Never Give Up and to Never Limit Life!

Motivational Speaker and Foster Care Speaker Derek Clark
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  1. Gloria Brunswick says:

    Hi Derek,
    IL don’t know if you still remember me, you spoke at our Youth Summit last year. Congrat’s on your video with your son. The reason I’m emailing you is to give you heads up that Alex Cardenas, CASA Director will be contacting you to see if you can be his keynote speaker. I told him about you and he was very excited. I told him if you were available you would work with him. He has all the particulars of the event, but I do know that you would be addressing Attorneys, Judges, and CASA volunteers. I also advised him that he should invite social workers and other stakeholders. He said if you had books to bring them and they will sell.
    Happy New Year and I pray that this year you and your family will be greatly blessed.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your interest in my inspiring programs. Please do keep me in mind for future events.
    Derek Clark

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