Audience evaluations consider Derek Clark  a top motivational speaker and trainer. He shares his high powered and inspiring  message  of “Never Limit Your Life” as a conference keynote speaker around the world.

Derek knows first-hand the power of attitude in coping with adversity, rejection and overcoming hardship. His story is one of resilience and redemption. At five years of age, Derek’s mother and stepfather (his biological father was in prison) abandoned him at a psychiatric facility where he was referred to the California foster care system. Derek would spend the next thirteen years of his life, contending with rejection, humiliation, aggression, emotional distress and overwhelming anxiety. Yet through it all, Derek never gave up, and went from victim to victor by defying the artificial limitations imposed on him. Derek discovered that he had great amounts of inner wealth and made a choice to tap into it and not let his trauma driven past punish his limitless future. From owning a million dollar corporation to having a family, his maxim is to make no excuses.

As an inspiring motivational speaker, Derek captures the heart of the employee on an emotional level, where professional change really happens. He believes that if he can touch the human spirit, it will create a lasting positive impact on both the personal and professional lives of his audience. Everybody can relate to some part of Derek’s story, whether it is his personal struggle, professional accomplishments, or his beliefs on how we best achieve happiness and financial success.

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Watch Motivational Speaker Derek Clark’s Powerful TED Talk on the Power of Determination. Never Give Up!

From the adversity of growing up in foster care to becoming a top motivational speaker, Derek Clark has what it takes to inspire your employees to become powerful, take action and…

Derek Shares how he achieved great success with his inspiring motivational speaking style and how he lives his life on purpose. His triumphant message has inspired many successful companies, federal, state and county children and family services, law enforcement agencies, child welfare professionals, CPS – child protective services, juvenile justice conferences, social worker conferences, probation and circuit court conferences, foster parent conferences, CASA events, educators, non profit organizations, colleges, mortgage and real estate events, youth conferences, student leadership conferences, at-risk youth conferences, foster youth conferences, colleges and high school assemblies.

Motivational speaker and former CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation Derek Clark knows that a great leader has passion, vision, integrity, creativity, compassion and persistent determination. Derek Clark is an international motivational speaker and author of Never Limit Your Life: From Personal to Professional, and the critically acclaimed I Will Never Give Up book series.

Since Achieving his professional dreams, Derek’s life mission has become helping others find the mental strength to recognize and take advantage of opportunities. His keynotes are based on true-life trials and triumphs, and have inspired thousands of employees to have the mental strength to overcome adversity and fear. His purpose is to cultivate responsibility, drive, focus and the courage to take action.

Inspire Employees to be More Productive

nfluence Positive Thinking – Great Attitude Over Adversity

Inspire Self Confidence and Compassion

Inspire Hope

Inspire Determination

Inspire Integrity, Vision and Taking Action

Developing the Great Leader Within

Derek Believes that a great leader makes leaders. Jack Welch, one of the world’s most respected and celebrated CEO’s is known for his unmatched track record of success, enormous love of people, fierce passion for winning, and unbridled desire to change the world for the better. Jack once said, “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.”

An inspiring and great leader has the discipline, dedication and the ability to take decisive action while working towards the “team” goal. Leaders are not all cut from the same mold and there is not a one-size that fits all blueprint. Every great leader has a detailed approach and a style of leadership that is unique. Great leaders have an amazing foundation of qualities and can communicate, motivate and inspire individual team members to rise up to a higher level.

In Today’s Uncertain Economy, Derek Clark Shares Some of His Personal Secrets to Success! These tips have consistently helped Derek achieve significant amounts of success.

Formulate a Vision. Have goals and get ready to rock. Take action now. Any action will create motion and motion means you that are moving. Make use of your time instead of being used by it. Find purpose. If you have no purpose in life, you just bounce around in mediocrity. If you look around you and cannot find a purpose, try putting yourself in a new environment. New horizons force us to look at the world in a different way, and fresh ideas come from fresh surroundings.

Have Fun. What good is making money if you don’t know how to have any fun with it? Know how to laugh. A good, honest belly-laugh is more precious than gold. The days of our lives should not be filled with misery and grouchiness. A day without a laugh is a day that is wasted.

Vance Havner said it perfectly when he said, “Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.”

Think of the First Steps you are going to make. Step one is always believe in yourself. But it all starts with a goal. I write down my goals so that I can map out the means of getting there. It doesn’t matter if it’s a financial, physical, intellectual, or spiritual goal. Imagine what it feels like to have already achieved your goal. Get in commitment mode. How bad do you want to achieve the goal? What resources will you bring to bear in going after it? What sacrifices are you willing to make? If I am writing it down on paper, I am also writing it down in my head and imprinting it on my soul. I know I am fully committed. I will do whatever it takes to make the dream a reality.

Define Your Goals very clearly and precisely. It helps you map out and anticipate obstacles. It also helps you break the big goal down into smaller goals. Short-range goals are the stepping-stones on the way to achieving big things. Big goals don’t get achieved overnight, but the little goals add up quickly, and when the big victory finally happens, it will feel like it happened overnight. My overnight success took almost sixteen years to accomplish, so I was not surprised when it happened. I’d spent every day of my life working towards it.

If it was easy, it would not be worth it. Go ahead and take massive action. Go for it! Obstacles will come, oh yes they will. For me, working hard is a daily business. It is a marathon, not a sprint. “Success is not a result of luck. It is a result of how you spend your free time.” I always have a few different goals, so that when I need a break from one I can focus on another. Very few painters work only on one piece at a time—they work on many. Put passion into all your actions, and have many actions devoted to different passions.

Tell Yourself that you are going to have a life that counts. You are going to make an effort to never give up. You are full of determination. You are ready to work hard and play hard. You will be the master of your time. Let go of your mistakes; today is a new day. Be ground zero for an epidemic of positivity. You are going to be a doer and not a procrastinator. You are going to be a dreamer and not a dream-denier. You are going to hang out with others who lift you up and encourage your self-actualization. Shed your bad habits, and let good habits take root through repetition.

Life is About Making Progress. People are going to try and talk you out of your dreams. They will suck up your time with nay-saying, or criticize you and pick you apart. But you tell them that Derek said to back off. Stay away from those people who are imprisoned by negativity. They’re not even doing good for themselves, so how can they possibly be doing good for you?

Don’t Worry About Failing. It is nothing. It is the voice of other people ringing inside our heads. Failure is a great teacher and in a way has been my friend all along. Remember Thomas Edison’s quote: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Failure is also a test. Failure might be telling us that we need to change direction and execute a different plan of attack or a new strategy.

To Be Successful, we must be strategic in taking risks. Risks will take us to untamed and uncharted territory, but it is in these places that we become all we can be.

Stay Creative. Sometimes you will have to sit quiet for thirty minutes, so you can clear your mind of all the noise. You will be amazed at what ideas or revelations come to you when you just put aside all the distractions of modern life.

I hope that you are no longer afraid to envision a better future. I hope that you are ready to live life without limits. As long as you still have breath in your lungs, there is time to start over. As long as there is blood running in your veins, you have time to make your dreams happen. We have the rest of our lives from this moment on to realize our ambitions.

Change The World by changing yourself. Once you are confident about your own ability to achieve, you can help create a world of achievers and leaders through your example.

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“My message will empower and motivate your audience to not focus on lack and fear, but rather focus on becoming unstoppable and never limiting their potential.”-Derek Clark

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