• Never let your negative past infect your future. - Derek Clark

  • Don’t ever let a weakness or a mistake destroy your greatness. - Derek Clark

  • Always share hope. Helping – One – Person – Every day. - Derek Clark

  • Each child is born pure and precious. They only want to be loved and they want to please their parents. Children don’t know negative feelings or words until their parents start showing them what a negative work or feeling means, and the child eventually mirrors the parent’s example. Everything you do or don’t do with your kid molds them. - Derek Clark

  • What happens while you’re dwelling on the past is that you become so obsessively fixated on a particular incident that it hinders you from moving forward with your life. You must have the ability to let things go. This isn’t always easy, I understand. I have let the pain of my past infect my future at times, and it has certainly held me back. I’ve been lost, not knowing what direction to take in my life. There have been times when all I could think was, “Why me?” But you must understand that this mentality, this fixation on the negative, will almost certainly ensure that your future will be filled with more of the same. - Derek Clark

  • Everyone suffers, but what we do with that suffering makes all the difference. How will we use our pain to shape and determine our future? Will we torture ourselves just for the sake of it, or will we learn from our suffering, using it as a tool to enrich our future? When you change the way you think about your pain, your life will change in dramatic and inspiring ways. I realized as a young man that I didn’t have to feel guilty and blame myself any longer for the pain my mother, father, and other people caused me. I had to take responsibility for my own life and not let any other person control my heart and mind. - Derek Clark

  • There is a simple formula that I have used to bring more meaning into my life. It is a program I teach when I do seminars. It is called I-R.O.C.K. It is an acronym for how I live my life, as well as how I inspire others to live theirs. - Derek Clark

    I is for Integrity
    R is for Responsibility
    O is for Opportunity
    C is for Choice
    K is for Knowledge

  • Taking responsibility for your words, thoughts, actions and emotions literally changes the quality of your life. This is your life, and you have to take responsibility for it. - Derek Clark

  • I have had to learn and relearn that you can’t believe everything you think. Every thought that comes into your mind must be filtered. You have to ask yourself whether a thought contributes positively or negatively to your life. Is it a negative, toxic voice that wants to attach its ugly self to your brain, and eventually take over your heart and soul? - Derek Clark

  • Sometimes your purpose in life finds you, not the other way around. God has a plan for each of us. When you have complete faith, you begin to understand that nothing can stop you from achieving the success you were meant to have. - Derek Clark

  • When you look in the mirror and are tempted to pick yourself apart because there is something about yourself that you don’t like: I want you to say I-ROCK! You have the talent, looks attitude, desire and power to create the life you have always imagined. - Derek Clark

  • There is nothing wrong with failure. Every person who has done something great has met with failure. If you don’t try, you will eventually collect so many regrets over wasted yesterdays that you won’t have the happy and fulfilling life you might have had – the happy life that you deserve! - Derek Clark

  • Knowledge is so important to helping catapult dreams into reality. But I also believe that knowledge should go hand-in-hand with imagination. Knowledge is at times a little limited, whereas imagination is completely unlimited. But knowledge will help guide your imagination; controlling and containing it in such a way that it leads to something tangible you can give the world. - Derek Clark

  • Music has dramatically changed my life. It has given me the ability to express feelings which otherwise would have remained locked in my soul. Music was the key to the cell that I was trapped in. - Derek Clark

  • Never let anyone steal your happiness or try to assassinate your dreams. If they try, brush them off by recognizing that they’re not adding to the greatness that is your life. You have to realize that today is your day to start a new life. It is never too late to start all over. It all starts with having a great attitude. - Derek Clark

  • My spirit imitates my imagination. My creativity comes from my imagination. Whatever your simple mind can dream and create, remember, it can still do so much more. Believe beyond your dreams! - Derek Clark

  • Everything starts with energy. Energy creates motion, motion creates action, action creates results, results create achievement, achievement creates self confidence, and self-confidence creates the mindset that allows you to help others fashion their destiny. Change the world by changing yourself. Once you are confident about your own ability to achieve, you can help create a world of achievers through your example. - Derek Clark

  • Don’t let this life pass you by. This is the most important lesson to take from this chapter. Don’t wait to live life and then lay there on your deathbed having regrets about not having done what you always wanted to do. Consider your future self, and ask if this person regrets having never taken the time, or not having had the guts to go for it. The cemetery will always be there. And a person doesn’t have to be deceased to live in a graveyard. It just depends on whether you let yourself die before you’ve even died. You can take the safe and boring way, but this way guarantees that you will one day have regrets. Better to live the exciting life full of curiosity and opportunity. Either way you’re going to end up in the cemetery, so why not live before you die? - Derek Clark

  • Faith in God is the greatest compliment to will, determination and perseverance. For a long time, I believed I’d become successful by my own merits and sacrifice. I believed it was all me, me, and me, and that my efforts were a solo enterprise. But if I’d only had faith in a power greater than mine, I believe I would have been more unstoppable in my quest to live a successful and significant life. Faith is the secret power that can help you achieve anything you desire. Faith in yourself is one thing, but faith in God is even more powerful. Faith in yourself can lead to selfishness, cockiness, and unjustified pride. Faith in the almighty God is completely unselfish. It removes emphasis on your ego, you become humbled, and grateful for what you have. As your faith builds in Him, the greater are your successes. - Derek Clark

  • Don’t ever let excuses steal victory out of your hands. Let an excuse be slippery and slimy like an eel: hard to grasp and even harder to keep hold of. If you find an excuse leaping into your hand and trying to make itself comfortable there, grab it by the throat and throttle the life out of it. Whatever you do, don’t coddle it like a babe. It is a vile thing, and should be dropped. - Derek Clark

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