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How To Find Hope, Joy and Success. No More Excuses! By Derek Clark, Motivational Speaker

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  1. Great post! Truly what every one needs every now and then is some motivation. Motivation gives out a lot, especially to those weak willed. You may not know how far you have helped with some encouragement and motivation you give to others.

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  2. Lizzie says:

    As a former foster care youth, I can appreciate what Derek has been through. I lost my family at five years old to harsh shunning from the Amish community. My parents were not equipped to function in the modern world and I was eventually placed in the system. My foster parents were not always able to relate and I was moved around several times. I always had hope however, that I could make a better life for myself and I know I have. Its nice to see another former foster youth doing the same. Thank you for sharing your story Derek!! I love hearing it!

  3. admin says:

    Thank you Melissa! I enjoy sharing my motivational and inspirational message. We all have the power to create our destiny and sometimes we just need a little hope to start that spark of believing in our greatness! You Rock!

  4. admin says:

    Hi Lizzie, That is awesome that you also have thrived while in care. We are not survivors but rather conquerors! Remember that what has happened to you is not as important as what has happened inside of you. Never let the inner me become the enemy. I love that quote that says that you can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. You Rock!

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