Derek Clark

Foster care expert Derek Clark reveals a few solutions on how to connect to your child and build trust.

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  1. Diana Van Matre says:

    I am writting to you for I just was watching the Rikki Lake Show and saw you are the one person I need to connect with. As I have an 18 year old that just came of out foster care , she is my grandmother and she does come with
    a lot of baggage. It was not her problem to be in this situtation. She had a teenage mom who believes and she
    does that drugs are more important that her kids.She was on the run for a while and know one knew where she was. I just want to know what all options she has at this point. I understand she has a chance for help and not being homeless, as she is . She will not tell me where she is but do have a phone number for her.
    So how do I approach her to get her the help she needs.

    Thank you so much for any advice you can give me

    Diana VanMatre

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