Never Limit Your Life! How To Live Beyond Your Self-Perceived Limits. Kindle & NOOK

Never Limit Your Life. This is the motto and mantra of Derek Clark, a former foster child and at-risk youth who went from victim to victor, becoming a successful entrepreneur and international speaker. As the author of the I Will

Disable The Label! Never Limit The Potential of a Child. Trauma Training Resource, Inspiring and Full of Hope. Kindle & NOOK

Disable The Label is a groundbreaking guide that will offer professionals involved children and youth hope, stamina and the courage to improve the system. This book has evolved from the trenches; a sharing of knowledge and experiences from a child

Feeling Abandoned By God? Read Derek Clark’s Inspiring Spiritual Journey. I Will Never Give Up On God Again – Kindle & NOOK

Have you ever given up on God? Or been close to giving up on Him? I have. This is the story of a spiritual journey: from feeling abandoned by God to feeling embraced by God. For years I’d felt an

I WILL NEVER GIVE UP – Memoir That Will Inspire You to Find The Strength to Never Give Up! Kindle * NOOK

Rapping Dad Derek Clark’s book I Will Never Give Up is a revelatory story of resilience and redemption. A once deeply distressed and mistreated child, Derek Clark suffered parental abandonment and unthinkable child abuse before age five, when he was

Hidden Histories of Derek Clark : Asylum of Insanity – Kindle & NOOK

What terrifying things are going on at the Boatman Institute? There’s something very wrong with the place. They say they want to help lost and unwanted children, but Derek isn’t buying it. Are those screams coming from the basement? There’s

Hidden Histories of Derek Clark: Secrets Don’t Stay Buried Kindle Or Nook

What happens when a mother’s love turns to murder? For Derek Clark, a shocking act of brutality will send him spiraling into worlds beyond our own. What if you returned from the dead? For Derek Clark, a second chance at

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