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Motivational Speaker Derek Clark’s New Book – Tru Lockhart: Secrets Don’t Stay Buried. Based on True Events from Derek’s Life. A Raw Ride of Dark Fantasy and the Hero’s Journey.

Motivational Speaker Derek Clark's New Book Tru Lockhart

Derek W. Clark and Michael Ray Laemmle Release New Novel – Tru Lockhart: Secrets Don’t Stay Buried

Journey into the realm where reality intertwines with fantasy in the captivating novel Tru Lockhart: Secrets Don’t Stay Buried, a collaborative creation by authors Derek W. Clark and Michael Ray Laemmle. Independently Published, this 459-page work offers readers an unprecedented fusion of true events, fantasy, and chilling suspense.

The story follows Tru Lockhart, who receives an astonishing visit from his father Argus, an escapee from an institution for the criminally insane. Anticipating murder, Tru instead witnesses a mystifying ceremony, setting off a chain of extraordinary events that propel him into bizarre worlds and the clutches of enigmatic villains. They all covet Tru’s latent powers for their nefarious agendas.

For Tru, survival hinges on understanding why devils and malefactors seek control over his fate. Does he have a say in his destiny, or is he a pawn in a sinister scheme?

As Tru delves deeper into the truth, reality unravels, leading him into a mystery more terrifying than he ever imagined. The layers of his world peel away, unveiling secrets of murder, chaos, magic, and madness that refuse to remain buried.

Tru Lockhart mirrors the real-life journey of author Derek Clark, who battled unimaginable child abuse, abandonment, and emotional turmoil before being thrust into foster care and an emergency psychiatric facility at age five. His 13 years in the foster care system reflected an early life marred by aggression, anxiety, and misjudgment.

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About the Author:

A beacon of resilience and redemption, Derek W. Clark emerged from a traumatic childhood with unyielding strength. Abused and abandoned, he defied artificial limitations, transforming himself from a victim to a victor. Derek is a renowned motivational speaker, foster care advocate, and bestselling author of multiple titles, including Never Limit Your Life and I Will Never Give Up. His life story has captivated global audiences, inspiring them to overcome adversity and embrace unwavering perseverance.

Tru Lockhart: Secrets Don’t Stay Buried is an exceptional blend of biographical fiction and fantasy, showcasing the courage of the human spirit and the allure of the unknown. As the fictional and factual intertwine, readers are treated to a roller-coaster of emotions, thrills, and revelations.

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Tru Lockhart: Secrets Don’t Stay Buried is available for purchase in print, ebook and audio book formats on Audible and Amazon.

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