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Motivational Keynote Speaker for Childhood Trauma - Trauma Informed – Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs

Derek Clark shares his experiential trauma knowledge about Adverse Childhood Experiences. His trauma informed keynote speeches and training are brutally real, backed by excerpts from his neurological and psychiatric reports, and are sure to inspire your audience to never give up on a child. Derek was abandoned at five years at a psychiatric facility old after enduring brutal child abuse and rejection. His mom didn’t want him any longer and his dad was in prison for the criminally insane.

After being evaluated by the neurologist, psychiatrist and speech and language therapists, they gave him a lot of labels and even misdiagnosed him which would follow him for years. He was placed at a shelter for un-adoptable children where he would then go through different foster homes. He had lots of behavioral and emotional issues and they seemed to be getting worse by the day.  It wasn’t until a pair of loving foster parents (both educators) saw potential in him and worked tirelessly to help him reach his potential. They believed that inside of this little child in foster care was a happy kid.

Audiences all over the world have been inspired by Derek’s words. He is a leading motivational speaker for trauma. His keynote speeches are vulnerable, yet empowering. He believes that his vulnerability regarding the trauma that he endured inspires audiences with hope, and the knowing that they can make a difference in the life of a grieving child.


Children exposed to trauma need a compassionate human connection. Someone that will help them feel secure, respected, understood and loved. Derek encourages child welfare professionals and educators to tap into their compassion muscle and compassionately listen as well as be more empathetic. He leaves you with the thought that you cannot think negative about a child and expect a positive outcome. You never turn your back on a child. When the child is acting out emotionally and behaviorally, don’t ask “What is wrong with this child?” but rather ask “How can I help this child? How can I help them feel safe?”


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