How to Never Give Up! 1st Step, Stop Beating Yourself Down and Rise Up! This Real Talk Motivational Video by Motivational Speaker Derek Clark Will Inspire You!

This is not the type of motivational video that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. This is real talk about not beating yourself down and not letting your past infect your future. Motivational speaker Derek Clark shares some

A Poem By Cynthia Johnston

If I could write my life into a poem I would, I’d start off with my childhood and talk about how I was constantly misunderstood. I’d write down how I wish I was still at least eight, before my heart

What I Thought Was a Curse Turned Out To Be One of My Greatest Blessings.

I recently delivered the keynote for about 3000 wonderful people. Their last speaker was General Colin Powell so you know I had to step up my game and rock the house! Someone asked me if I had forgiven my mom

Pregnant At 13! (it’s not what you think)

I would like to share the story of another inspiring young person who attended a conference I spoke at two years ago. She recently sent me an email to let me know what’s going on in her life. Stories like

Struggling Everyday to Live By Diamond Carter

I met Diamond Carter aka d-banga when I was speaking at an Anti Violence Symposium in Stockton, California. She was so inspired by my message of hope, resilience and redemption that she came up to me afterwards with tears in

Mommy Didn’t Want Me and Daddy Didn’t Care

When you’re walking alone, when you’ve got nothing and you say to yourself, you’ll never amount to something. When your dreams are crushed and hope is long gone, no matter which road you know, it’s all wrong, But you smile,

A Poem by Juan Muniz

I live in my own little world but its ok, they know me here I live in my own little world because in the real one I’m full of fear I live in my own little world full of doodles,

Stabbed 28 times while watching her mother die!

I’m writing this message filled with so many intense emotions and complete humility. I simply have to share something that recently touched me to the core of my soul. It’s just a quick story that may change your perspective on

THE GOODBYE By Derek Clark, Inspiring Motivational Speaker and Author

Here I was, a child desperate for love and affection, a scared little boy who was getting ready for what would be the longest ride of his life.  I can’t say I remember the drive to the orphanage, or the


Here is an amazing person that I met recently. He was so inspired by my speech that he wrote me this letter and poem. You have got to read this! My name is Adam Caron. I spent seven years of

No Name Poem By Jennifer M.

The verdict is in, we were abused. Children with baggage, is how we are viewed. Never mind the fact, that we are children all the same, Negative presumptions are forever, attached to our name. Abandoned orphaned forgotten and alone, Evaluated

A Story By Kayla

Hi, my name is Kayla McNeely. I have been in the foster care system for about 8 years, and I can honestly say that it’s been quite the journey. I have been in 11 different foster homes and 1 residential

There is Always Hope…

Sitting in this basement all alone with my son. Contemplating, hatin myself for all worthless things I’ve done. All the people that I hurt and things that I’ve said, I try and fall asleep but can’t get these voices from

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