5 Traits Associated With Childhood Trauma

Childhood is a decisive and transcendent stage in the life of the human being. Whatever happens during that stage leaves lasting traces in the brain. That is why childhood trauma ultimately influences personality over time. It does not mean that

What Are Adverse Child Experiences, and How do They Influence Mental Health in Adulthood?

Every day, hundreds of children need the support of someone to help them face their misadventures and thus have a full life. However, early adverse experiences in their first years of life may decrease their ability to grow emotionally. It

Social And Emotional Learning (SEL) Via Virtual Reality: Is This The Future Of Education?

Education nowadays is less about mathematics, natural sciences, and languages. As future-oriented teachers know, in the future one needs more (culturally) flexible, emotionally intelligent employees. That trend is already being felt: the jobs that have grown the most in the

How Childhood Trauma Leads to ‘Emotional Scars’

How Childhood Trauma Leads to ‘Emotional Scars’ People who have been a victim of child abuse or being neglected in their youth are more often confronted with depression and anxiety. Moreover, the course of these psychological disorders is more often

The Surprise Findings of Adverse Childhood Experiences ACE Study That Everyone Needs to Know

ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Experiences = Negative Experiences in Childhood) by Vincent Felitti and his team, has been a large-scale study that takes an extended period. It analyzed not only sexual abuse but all youth traumas and their cohesion. Instead

Who Are the Best Keynote Speakers to Hire for Foster Care and Child Welfare Conferences?

Who are the best keynote speakers to hire for foster care and child welfare conferences? The one’s who have experienced living in the foster care system. They are the experts who have survived and thrived despite their tough circumstances. Meet

The Road to Success is Filled With Disappointments – Need Motivation?

The Motivation, Discipline and Strength Are Already Inside You! When we look at the world around us and see high achievers, it’s tempting to think that everything in their lives has been one smooth ride from the beginning. We see

11 Phrases You Should Never Say to a Child in Foster Care

I came across this article that hit the hammer on the head in regards to showing some compassion and being careful what you say to children in foster care. I spent 13 years of my early life in foster care. That

Motivational Speaker Derek Clark Shares His Story of Surviving Child Abuse

If it wasn’t for foster care and great foster parents that never gave up, I might be dead or in prison. Foster care saved my life from the brutal child abuse. As an innocent child, I paid the price for

As a Helpless, Homeless and Hopeless Child, I Had Doubts About Foster Care.

As a child growing up in the foster care system, there was a little piece in me that doubted a foster home would keep me. I had already been through a few foster homes. I couldn’t trust foster parents because

Trauma – An Emotional Wound From an Assault on a Person’s Dignity, Safety and Security

The term ‘trauma’ is used to “refer to an emotional wound caused by a frightening and painful experience” (Webb, 2006). Clinical attention has primarily focused on the source of trauma, symptoms of trauma and treatment to trauma. A Response-Based Approach

Dealing With Trauma – Confessions From a Child in Foster Care

I have used humor to get through brutal and extreme abusive situations that I suffered as a child before being abandoned into foster care. There are many times that I would be the class clown. It was hard for me

Every Child Living in Foster Care Has a Story of Loss – Trauma

A child living in foster care can have a great and safe experience, or it can have devastating consequences as the system may create a severed, ruptured, or disrupted connection to their families of origins. For those who have experienced

Can Your Dad and Kids Do This? The Awesome Influence of a Dad Who Grew Up In Foster Care!

Have you ever seen Derek Clark, a popular motivational speaker hang out with his children and morph into the viral video sensation Rapping Dad? It is an amazing and fun sight. This video will show you the other side of

A Gift for Foster Parents

This video is a gift to my foster parents for never giving up on me with all of the issues and labels that I had growing up. My wonderful foster parents stepped up and took a risk to help a

The Loving Side of Foster Care – Because of a Social Worker and Committed Foster Parents, I Thrived.

As a top motivational speaker for foster care conferences, I want to take this opportunity to bring awareness to the loving side of the foster care system. It seems like there’s always an article or a news story that reports

Top Foster Care Videos – Motivational Speaker Derek Clark

As an inspiring motivational speaker for foster care, child welfare professionals, foster parents, teachers and social workers, Derek Clark shares his encouraging videos that are sure to ignite hope. His inspirational messages will inspire professionals that are working children in

Dad Dies, Mother Commits Suicide. Daughter’s Are Left Alone and Never Give Up!

Derek, I was at the assembly today at Meadowbrook high school. I wanted to tell you that your story personally hit home to me. You shared your story, so now I’ll tell you mine. I had a great childhood from

I Met This Girl Who Was Tortured By Her Foster Mom and Kept in an Animal Cage For Years

As a motivational speaker that focuses on personal development, I am grateful for the humbling opportunities I’ve had to help individuals begin to move past their pain through the gift of forgiveness. This true story and video will seriously make

How Abuse, Rejection, Foster Care & Death Inspired Me To Write This Amazing Redemption Song!

Foster care was tough but there is a loving side of foster care. I would not be who I am today without the unconditional love that my foster parents had for me and a fantastic social worker who taught me

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